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Path Clearance

At the end of August 2016, Mike C, Linton S and Ray L went out to clear a footpath in Birling. It was at the edge of a field where about 20m of rough ground was overgrown and impassable. There was also a bridge over a ditch at the end of the same path which was overgrown. Look at the pictures to see what an improvement for all walkers the odd hour's work can produce. We keep on coming across overgrown paths in Tonbridge & Malling, so don't just ignore them and find a different way around. Let Mike C know. He coordinates clearing paths like this. Even better, volunteer to give a hand. You'll enjoy it and you will be making an improvement not just for us Ramblers, but for all who walk our footpaths.

You can contact Mike C via this website using the "Contact US" page.


Path before clearancePath after Bridge before clearance Bridge after
Over the hills
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