Please note that "Dogs OK" would normally mean that only where it is safe to do so may you allow your dog to walk off the lead. On roads (even quiet lanes), amongst other animals or on narrow paths then it would be expected that the dog be kept on a short lead. Owners will assume full responsibility with regard to Health & Safety issues and not allow their pet to inconvenience or endanger fellow walkers. If circumstances have changed since the programme was published or, if during a walk the leader judges it safest to do so, the walk leader may have to insist that a dog be put on a lead for the whole walk. Whatever the reason, the walk leader's decision is final.

"Dogs on leads" means that you must keep your dog on a short lead. Please do not ask the leader to make your dog an exception.

It's the leader's decision whether dogs may join a walk so if neither of the above two categories appear on our programme that means the leader has not chosen to allow dogs on their walk, other than registered assistance dogs.

Dog owners must ensure their dog does not alarm other people and they must clean up after their dog.

Dogs on walks do not affect the insurance cover in any way and incidences caused by dogs are covered by the insurance policy, as long as the activity is a recognised Ramblers activity.

From April 2016, all dog owners in England and Scotland will have to ensure their dog is micro chipped. See link for further details: Micro chipping law in Britain

Responsible dog walking